What the pretzel guy know and you don’t

Don’t lift your eyebrow when reading this post title.

Have you ever thought why at the end of a show in almost every theater in the world, pretzels guy’s stands out of the theater and selling their hot good smell pretzels to the people that are getting out from the show?

The straight answer is because those people buy it!

But… why pretzels? Why in the middle of the night? And why to those who are getting out from the theater?
To many parameters if you ask me.

To be honest the only true answer that I can give for this question I already did: because those people are buying it.

But think of it. They could choose to sell many other things, but they chose to sell pretzel. Why pretzel? I don’t think that they know the answer for that as well. They probably sell pretzels because one person has tried it before and succeeded. The rest just copy it.

People are trying to sell their goods in different locations to different type of people. Some time their efforts leading to a successful business and some time they failed. From those who failed, some keep trying again and again, until they find the path to their success.

My point is simple. If you are trying to make money online don’t limit yourself only to the territory that you are familiar with. Its one of the biggest mistakes you can do.
You might find some niche in your territory that converts well, but the potential is much bigger in the areas that you do not know at all – simply because those areas are wider,

Keep trying and trying until you will find the pretzel to sell to those who are getting out from the theater. With a success no one is argue: people are keep buying pretzel night after night and more and more pretzel guys are joining this circle.

You don’t have to explain to yourself in detail why people are buying a product as long as you know how to sell it to them.

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