Warren Buffett Revealed His Secret Advisor

For most of the affiliate marketers, one of the issues that we need to face with is the fact that we don’t have the people around us to consult with about our ideas.
Most of the affiliate marketers do not share any information about their campaigns with their colleague. It’s pretty understandable; we don’t want others to copy our work.

Spending the day in a completely isolated work environment can damage the efficiency of the work. You don’t have the privilege to do a brainstorming with others about your ideas. In the best case you improve your ideas based on your own mistakes. Most of the affiliate marketers do not get the chance to improve their ideas – they drop after only few campaigns.

There is a famous show with Bill Gates and Warren Buffett that was recorded in September 2005 – Buffett and Gates Go Back to School. The two men spent the day at the University of Nebraska with students and faculty from the College of Business Administration answering their questions.
I find this show very motivating. Warren Buffett is known as a person that for him the human factor is above all. In this show they were asked who you go to when you need an advice. Warren Buffet answer was: “I looked in the mirror”. :)
Later on he explained that if he would advise with others about his ideas he will not differentiate himself from the mainstream.

Do you find it familiar? How many times did you try to spy after other affiliates marketers campaigns? As an affiliate marketer you should not ask others about what is works best for them but to develop your own unique strategy that will differentiate yourself from other marketers. Its not easy thing to do but it is probably the safest way to build a solid affiliate business. Give it a thought.

I found this video on YouTube. It’s only a small part of the all show. Take a look:

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