The thing you don’t know about Placements & Google Content network

PPC campaigns at the Google Content Network (GCN) can bring you lots of traffic. Google allow you to specify which website your ads will be display. As many have found out, this is far from been easy. You will noticed that by setting a GCN campaign WITHUT specifying a placement (set the campaign a content wide) , will get you much more impressions from the same website in oppose to a campaign where you did specify the website as a placement.

Why it is harder to get traffic from placements campaign?
The answer is with how the ads behave in each of these campaigns that affect the bidding algorithm that works differently for each of the situation. You can almost consider it as two different systems.

When you set a bid in a placement campaign, you actually bid on the all spot. You will notice that with a text ad, the ad will hold the all placement. In a content wide campaign, the ad will be display next to other ads while your bid will determine the ad position.

Of course that there is more involves here but the actual bid. Variables like keywords relevancy and landing page score, are all been take into consideration. But for the purpose of this article we will ignore the other parameters, assuming that they all the same – the same ad copy, the same keywords theme, and the same landing page.

If you will take an ad group from a content wide campaign and copy it to a placement campaign, then adding to it the specific website you already know that the ad group triggered traffic from it, you will have to start increasing the bid to compensate for the fact that you are now taking the all spot. Or in other words, to make sure Google will still get at least the same income from this spot. Because at the end of day what Google care about is to make the most out of their inventory.

In a transition from a content wide campaign to a placement campaign, in order for your ad to keep showing, you need to make sure Google will get at least the same income from their inventory; otherwise Google will not sell that spot to you.

If your ad was on the first two top positions in a content wide campaign, usually you will need to start increasing the bid by 10%-15% to acquire that ad spot exclusively, as we know a placement content campaign behave. If you need to increase the bid more than 40%-50%, I would recommend you to work on your ad copy and your landing page score. Your ad probably was at a lower position from the start.

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