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A good affiliate campaign includes three critical elements: traffic, landing page and a good converting product. Most of the affiliates are focusing about the traffic. Some understand the importance of the landing page and even less are trying to understand the benefit of the product vs. other competitors’ products.

In this post I would like to tell you about a real story: How a an affiliate marketer, my friend, left money on the table just because he was lazy to pay attention to the details.

I sat with my friend this week in a coffee shop. We do that from time to time, sharing with each other ideas. My friend showed me one of his new campaigns landing page that he has been working on in the last two months.

As a veteran affiliate, he did A/B testing with two versions of the landing page. He checked the effectiveness of his landing page in terms of click through – The percent of people who visit the merchant website via his website. But that’s the point where he stopped, because in his opinion the difference between the landing pages performance is negligible.
How negligible? 43% vs 37%

In this niche there is no doubt that 40% click through (CTR) rate is fairly acceptable and even a bit higher than the average. Probably this is why he was impassive about the A/B testing results, knowing that his campaign perfuming relatively well. That’s the problem with veteran and with newbie’s as well – we tend to forget where to put our effort in terms of time consuming.

Before you start struggle with your traffic make sure you did all in your power to improve your landing page performance (CTR). In this case the 6% difference worth more than $1,000 in net revenue per month!

But you will probably not get convinced, as my friend was not, until you will see the math behind it. So here we go:

The average daily clicks to his page is 600 (yep, it’s a small/mid campaign)
The conversion rate within the merchant website is 4%
The payout is $24

The gross sale for LP 1 is:
600 * 0.43 * 0.04 * 24 = $247.68

The gross sale for LP 2 is:
600 * 0.37 * 0.04 * 24 = $213.12

Since we are talking about the same traffic, with the same cost, the difference between these landing pages results is NET PROFIT.

So the total net profit will be
(247.68 – 213.12) * 30 = $1,036.8

With less than 5 minutes of work my friend will get an addition of ~$1,000 per month depends which landing page version he will choose.

Think that if you have 5-7 medium PPC campaign, 6% difference within your landing page can give you more than $5,000 per month.

More than that, to get the same addition net profit using the landing page with the low CTR you will need to raise your traffic by more than 16%!
(Assuming that the converting ratio will be kept for the new traffic as well)

Keep this in your mind next time you try to think how to increase your PPC campaigns performance.

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