How Do I Choose Which Affiliate Network to Work With?

Next week I’m going to New York for the Affiliate Summit East 2011. This year, keynote speakers include Marc Ostrofsky, Will Reynolds and Bryan Eisenberg. It is not surprising that, as usual, all the big affiliate networks will be in attendance. They will all share the same, simple goal; to recruit more affiliates to their network. Some of these networks don’t even really care about the new affiliates they recruit, as they are just part of their show.

When I choose which network I want to join, my priority is to make sure that I will get on with the people I will work with. Although I do not expect to get special treatment from them from day one, I always make sure that I am on the same page as them. I definitely recommend that you do this too.

I’m really interested in technology and I care about the technology I will work with with the affiliate network. The big networks often have their own unique systems that allow you to set your own settings to use in your day-to-day work. I like to automate some of my work. Therefore, having a decent level of technology on the affiliate network is essential. This helps me to get better results on my end more easily. In turn, I work more effectively for the network. Everybody wins.

You should also make sure that the payment schedule works with your current situation. Cash flow is something that you will become familiar with very fast, especially if you are working with a pay-per-click system. Some affiliate networks pay once a month, others every fortnight and some on a weekly basis. The type of payment system could have a great impact on your ability to grow your business.

My final consideration when picking an affiliate network is one that is very important to me. Some affiliate networks are fully aware that certain products they are working with have a bad reputation and that lots are complete scams. I never work with scam products, so I stay away from networks that do. I don’t believe in making money by effectively stealing someone’s hard-earned cash.


Time – The Most Expensive Commodity

Let’s face it – no matter how you will look at it, time is what you are looking for. Most people like to memorize the “time is money” phrase, but what does it mean? Time worth money? Money worth time?

Allow me to avoid this philosophy question and get straight to the bottom of it: Time is what we all are looking for, even those who can’t consciously admit!

During our day, we have lots of tasks to fill in within our time. That’s including our work, family, friends, our hobbies etc. At the end of day we care more about the things that make us feel good, make us happy. Those are the times we like to spend the most.

Time consuming becomes a very serious issue of our time. Potentially we have more free time, but practically most of the population suffers from a lake of time. The progress helps us to bring food to our table with less physical efforts, but for sure it doesn’t means that we work less hard to achieve it.

The western world try to educate us to consume more – when you spend money you help the economy to prosper, this is what we hear around us. The basic of this idea is very true, it’s the implementation that was shifted a bit a side. People consume things they don’t really need. They spend money for things they don’t really use. They work very hard to earn money for product they upgrade within less than six months of use. They work so hard that they don’t have time to do the things the like, and for what? To throw their money, six month after, to a recycle can, so other company will continue to earn money relying on their misjudgment. They even invented a name for it – “Green”

If we don’t consume then the economy will not prosper. This is for a fact.
How about to consume human services more often than products that we don’t really need?
It will allow us to get some of our task to be made by others. In theory we hurt our net income, but practically we keep our life balanced. We buy our free time. Only then we might allow ourselves to consume the things we might not exactly need.

Sounds like a paradox? It doesn’t.


The thing you don’t know about Placements & Google Content network

PPC campaigns at the Google Content Network (GCN) can bring you lots of traffic. Google allow you to specify which website your ads will be display. As many have found out, this is far from been easy. You will noticed that by setting a GCN campaign WITHUT specifying a placement (set the campaign a content wide) , will get you much more impressions from the same website in oppose to a campaign where you did specify the website as a placement.

Why it is harder to get traffic from placements campaign?
The answer is with how the ads behave in each of these campaigns that affect the bidding algorithm that works differently for each of the situation. You can almost consider it as two different systems.

When you set a bid in a placement campaign, you actually bid on the all spot. You will notice that with a text ad, the ad will hold the all placement. In a content wide campaign, the ad will be display next to other ads while your bid will determine the ad position.

Of course that there is more involves here but the actual bid. Variables like keywords relevancy and landing page score, are all been take into consideration. But for the purpose of this article we will ignore the other parameters, assuming that they all the same – the same ad copy, the same keywords theme, and the same landing page.

If you will take an ad group from a content wide campaign and copy it to a placement campaign, then adding to it the specific website you already know that the ad group triggered traffic from it, you will have to start increasing the bid to compensate for the fact that you are now taking the all spot. Or in other words, to make sure Google will still get at least the same income from this spot. Because at the end of day what Google care about is to make the most out of their inventory.

In a transition from a content wide campaign to a placement campaign, in order for your ad to keep showing, you need to make sure Google will get at least the same income from their inventory; otherwise Google will not sell that spot to you.

If your ad was on the first two top positions in a content wide campaign, usually you will need to start increasing the bid by 10%-15% to acquire that ad spot exclusively, as we know a placement content campaign behave. If you need to increase the bid more than 40%-50%, I would recommend you to work on your ad copy and your landing page score. Your ad probably was at a lower position from the start.


Get ready to the high season

Within few weeks you should expect to see a significant increase with the online sales. It’s the same rutting every year. It will get better and better until Christmas season which usually marked as the peak.

As every year at this period, I am planning my actions for the next coming months which are loaded with events.

So here I am sitting at the country club, drinking latte and… planning my marketing plan for the next months.

At this very moment I thought to share with you the best advice that in my opinion will get you a real benefit: get yourself a marketing plan for the next coming months!

Close to each event/holiday you will see lots of bloggers talking about the “great” offers that you should promote. In most cases it’s too late for that. IMO you can’t just jump on every offer, create some PPC campaigns and make tones of money. It’s a nice saying for a sale page on “how to make money online” product. In real life, making money online require the right preparation – choosing the strategy you believe will gain the best ROI and planning its implementation.

Take a calendar; mark the events you feel you can work around them. Choose the right products you want to sell, and plan your actions. Do it now and be ready for the day after. Then when you will read a post a about “seasonal products” you will be proud to say “did that”.


I’m still around

It’s been a long time since my last post. Almost 4 months I think!

I was very busy with tones of things: We purchased a new house about half a year ago. What started as a cool decoration project turnes to be a detalied complex mega project. Add to it two new products that we are launching this month and you can imagine how busy a single day can be.

But no complains. It’s about to be over. The house is on it’s final stage and the products soon will reach the market.

I discovered some new cool things in the last months which I’m going to share with you in the next comming posts.