2010 Will Take You Higher

It looks like this year is going to be a blast. I am sure you heard me saying this more than one time during the last days (facebook, twitter, you name it).

2009 was a very interesting year in many aspects: The global economy crises, Google slaps, Yahoo & MSN joining forces, Twitter, Facebook, these are just a grain of 2009 interesting events.

I am known to be a positive guy. Some will even say a dreamer. I do enjoy my success but I do criticized my mistakes as needed (and trust me, I do lots of mistakes). Since every end it’s a start of something new, I find this time of the year a good time for self examination.

I am surrounded with good friends and business colleagues that together contribute to my success.  You can make money online solely, but you can make much better if you will develop the right structure around it: people, business connections and even (highly recommended) business partner.

The human nature likes rounded numbers. Its motivate us. We look after symbolic elements to support our difficulty.  Those who are getting married in 2010 probably try to set their date for 10/10/2010. Those who plan to bring a baby, probably doing their best these days.

But the truth is I do believe that there is a big chance that you will do much better than you did in 2009. And here are my 5 reasons:

  1. Google domination in the online adverting will start to fade out in the next decade while Yahoo, Facebook, twitter and more none search services are about to enlarge their piece in this cake.
  2. Bing popularity will increase. Business agreements like HP/Microsoft to make Bing the default search engine in new computers are just the start in this interesting battle. It will not be the same as with Netscape, but do not underestimate Microsoft tactics.
  3. The mobile advertising market will continue to rapidly grow.
  4. Thanks to YouTube and other rich media channels, affiliate marketers are now more exposed to quality information. Conventions are now available online, taking out the boundaries than ever before.
  5. The way people search on the web has to be change: Most of the people use three words and more in a search query, and still the search results are relatively poor to what you would expect.
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